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Hospital Emergency Stretcher with fifth wheel

Nimble- TSG01S


Length2050 mm
Width750 mm
Height505 to 855 mm ±5%
Size and Spec can be customized


● Equipped with 8" central locking castor (inclusive of central controlled Brake & Free & Steer system)
● Convenient brake and steer pedals are attached to the FOUR sides
● When Backrest rises Bottom part will lower simultaneously to prevent patients from slide down. (for one direction only)

● Patient can lie down in each direction. Both ends can be raised as the head part. Caregivers do not need to distinguish where the head part is while emergency situation

● Backrest adjustable by gas spring mechanism

● Dual hydraulic pedestal regulating the elevation and lean easily controlled by foot pedal attached on both sides.
Unique retractable guide wheel optimizes traction and cornering helping to reduce caregiver strain while improving overall mobility
Two Permanent I.V. poles (3 stage) at two ends

● Four I.V. pole receptacles for extra I.V. poles
● Three hooks for drainage bag attached to each side rail (Totally 6 hooks)


● Trend & Rev. Trend Function
● Low height for safer stretcher ingress and egress


 Maximum weight limit 350 kg (771 lbs.)
 Overall length 2100 mm (include bumper wheel)
 Overall width 800 mm (include bumper wheel)
 Height from floor to deck 500(530)(550) mm (lowest) to 800(860)(900) mm (highest)
 Side rail length 1400 mm
 Side rail height above deck 320 mm
 Mattress size 640 mm x 1850 mm
 Maximum head elevation 90°
 Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg 13°(15°)(17°)
 Castor size 8" (203 mm)